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A Little About Me
Gracie M. Saunders

Gracie Saunders has been working diligently in the beauty business in Fairfield for the past 18 years.

Upon arrival from her native country Panama, where she owned and operated her 1st salon, she took some time off to be a military wife to Lt. Col. Martin G. Saunders a USAF 28 year veteran. (Now deceased). She worked at the JC Penny Styling Salon for seven years and has owned her 2nd salon in Fairfield, CA for the past 11 years.

After going through a personal experience with a very dear family member who had cancer, she decided to give some of her time back to help with the fight against cancer.

A Note From Gracie

I'm proud to be able to provide you with latest post-mastectomy products.

As a person that has worked closely with cancer patients through the "Look Good, Feel Better" Program sponsored by the American Cancer Society, North Bay Hospital and Kaiser Permanente for the past six years, I am delighted with the opportunity to offer my services.

Please know that I am committed to satisfying your post-mastectomy fashion needs. I have been certified by most of the leading companies in measuring and fitting, so you can be sure of a perfect size and fit.

On a national average 196,300 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and in California 19, 990 will be diagnosed. PLEASE! Do self examinations and keep your appointments for your mamogram.